Success Stories

Transforming lives…will yours be next? The power that made the body can heal the body! Read how natural medicine has transformed the lives of patients just like you!

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    “Meeting Dr. Rallis has changed my life! I have been suffering with IBS-C for
    as long as I can remember. Dr. Rallis sat with me and genuinely listening
    and gave GREAT advice. I followed the simple elimination diet and took the
    recommended vitamins. Within 5 days I was feeling like a million dollars,
    I am a different person. I even lost a few pounds along the way!
    Thanks so much Dr. Rallis you gave me my life back!!” Giulia C

    “…within 5 days I was feeling like a million dollars”

  • High Cholesterol
    “My family doctor (after several years of higher readings) suggested that
    I begin taking medication for high cholesterol. Dr. Rallis suggested the muscle pain
    I was experiencing might be attributed to the medication I was prescribed. He created
    a specific diet and exercise program and prescribed a specific set of nutritional
    supplements. I followed the program and within several months was able to
    discontinue my medication. Within 6 months, my cholesterol values had reduced,
    I had lost weight, my muscle pain was gone and I now feel better than I have
    in a long time!! Thank you Dr. Rallis!” Alex D

    “…I feel better than I have in a long time!”

  • Migraine/Tension Headaches,
    “I have had headaches for over twenty years. I have tried many strategies for dealing
    with migraine/tension headaches but with no success until now. Before starting my
    sessions at Dr. Rallis’ practice, I was taking 4 to 6 Fiorinal a day just to manage
    through the pain without having to spend the day in a dark room lying down. My
    headaches would last two to four days in duration and seemed most prevalent in the
    spring and fall. Dr. Rallis determined through X-rays that my upper most cervical
    vertebra was not in line. He conducted a few simple tests that confirmed something
    was not right. He adjusted my upper neck bone, without twisting. I did not feel
    the adjustment at all but I did feel was IMMEDIATE relief.I have arrived at Dr. Rallis’ office four times with massive agonizing headaches.
    My eyes were so far closed I could barely see. Each one of these headaches were
    eliminated with one adjustment. My eyes just reopened and I could not believe
    the pain was gone. Completely and utterly gone. To me it was nothing short of a
    miracle. To think I have been living with this pain for over twenty years and
    there was an answer all this time!Thanks to Dr. Rallis I am no longer a headache sufferer!” Kathi H.

    “…I was taking 4 to 6 Fiorinal a day just to manage through the pain”

  • Heart Arrhythmia,
    “A friend of mine asked me to go hear her chiropractor speak. She said that he could show me a
    different way to live. I had been having what felt like ‘a missing’ of
    heartbeats constantly throughout the day. I could feel it without even
    taking my pulse. I also felt a lot of pressure in my throat. I went to
    see Dr. Rallis at his clinic. Dr. Gignac ND prescribed a Myer’s cocktail
    (intravenous vitamins) while Dr. Rallis prescribed some supplements that
    would support my heart. After 4 weeks of treatments, the pressure in my
    throat is gone and my heart rate has normalized.Thank you Dr. Rallis!” Andrea C RN

    “…my heart rate has normalized”

  • Sciatica, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, depression, anxiety,
    “Thank you…thank you…thank you…I am more excited and joyful about my life now.It started in April when I began to experience a shooting pain in the back of my leg.
    I though it would go away. Instead, I found it was getting worse. At the same time,
    over the past year I was also experiencing low energy, fatigue, anxiety, fuzzy
    thinking, hot flashes, bloating, sleep problems, headaches, chronic backache and
    mild depression. I knew that I needed to do something. Medications for pain,
    antidepressants and hormone therapy suggested by my doctor were not something
    that I was willing to try.I remembered by son telling me that Dr. Rallis’ office had a wellness clinic.
    I thought I would give it a try. Well it was the best thing I could have done
    for myself! Immediately upon meeting Dr. Rallis I could see by his professional
    knowledge and positive energy that he was going to be the one to help me!
    I left the office with a renewed sense of hope and knowing that this would be
    the right place to get the help I needed. After having my assessment done, he
    put together a personal plan for me and promised me that if I followed this plan
    for at least twelve weeks, I would feel better and lose weight at the same time.
    I started on an elimination diet along with some supplements that he prescribed.
    He also prescribed a series of chiropractic adjustments in concert with the above.
    Within a couple of days I was feeling so much better and within a few weeks I
    could not believe how much energy I felt and clear my mind was! My leg pain was
    gone and I was back into my normal routine again! I was experiencing such a joyful
    feeling that I wanted to tell everyone. I can honestly say that all of my symptoms
    have gone and everything that Dr. Rallis promised me would happen -did happen!By telling my story, I hope to inspire others and let them know that this wellness
    program coupled with chiropractic care really works! I am very grateful and
    can’t thank Dr. Rallis enough for giving me back my health!” Norma M

    “…within a few weeks I could not believe how much energy I felt”

  • Spinal Stenosis,
    “I have often wondered how to convey thankfulness, finding the English language so inadequate in
    this regard but, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for giving me my life back!I had been experiencing pain in my lower back since 1989. The problem became
    progressively worse and I finally convinced our family doctor to do something,
    which resulted in an operation for spinal stenosis in my back in 2003. I was
    pain free for approximately 8 months before the condition cam back. Another
    operation was performed in early 2006, the results were very disappointing -I
    couldn’t walk 3 steps without excruciating pain.The doctor diagnosed scar tissue from the operation and we were told that
    nothing else could be done. Two major painkillers were prescribed; Tramacet
    and Lyrica, which dulled the pain a certain amount and turned me into a zombie.
    This was not at all a satisfactory life and at times I thought how one could
    live like this for the next 30 years.We started on this journey with visits to a family doctor, physical therapist, massage therapist, neurologist, neurosurgeon, a naturopath, a shiatsu master
    and a laser therapist. There was some improvement, but not much. Not willing to accept the condition we eventually contacted Dr. Rallis’ office and met
    the most amazing people!For the first time since the first surgery, someone X-Rayed my back! We just gasped when we saw the results. My back was a horror. Dr. Rallis tested me
    on the decompression table and results showed they could help. It has been almost two years of decompression and laser therapy and the improvement is
    immense. I still have some discomfort in my back but can now walk short distances and do not take painkillers of any kind any more! Being up a
    ladder, painting is not something I foresaw in my future a few months ago but it is now happening and we are thrilled!The expertise, support, compassion and friendship that we have experienced with Dr. Rallis and his staff has made this whole experience a life changing
    one; both physically and mentally! We thank you and are eternally grateful!” Joan and Tony M

    “…I couldn’t walk 3 steps without excruciating pain…Thank You for giving me my life back!”

  • Personal Transformation
    “Sometimes we fall down in life and we don’t know how to get up and to your credit, you
    were the vehicle or the divine intervention that picked me back up. You
    dusted me off with support, fed me a healthy dose of eating and exercising
    for health. With your guidance, support, mentoring and skill along with
    the support of my personal trainer, I was able to realize incredible
    results in just over two months…how do you thank someone adequately for
    giving me back my life…I am eternally thankful.” Dale H

    “…I was able to realize incredible results in just over two months!”

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    “Because of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, my husband underwent an operation. After 7 months,
    his index and middle finger were numb. After seeing Dr. Rallis, for
    weekly sessions, most of the feeling in my husband’s fingers returned
    and pain mostly vanished. He also reported great improvement in
    his overall well-being!” Marie-Louise M

    “…great improvement in overall well-being!”

  • Non-resolving gastrointestinal pain following cancer surgery
    “Following cancer surgery, I remained very ill, experiencing pain, cramping and loss of
    bowel control. Despite many visits to my doctor, I remained ill for
    five months. I explained my situation and Dr. Rallis confidently
    asserted he could help me recover. Dr. Rallis identified food allergies
    and assisted me in making some dietary changes. In three days I was
    feeling normal again. Dr. Rallis is an incredible wealth of knowledge regarding the healthy
    functioning of a body. Together we are tailoring a healthy lifestyle
    for my body. I feel like a new person and I know I could never have
    gotten here without Dr. Rallis.” Terri-Lynn S

    “…in three days I was feeling normal again!”

  • Degenerative aging
    “I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate your great help in dealing with my medical problems.
    Your considerable expertise allowed my body to heal itself.
    Your exercises will assist me the rest of my life.” Bob S

    “…your exercises will assist me the rest of my life”

  • Neck pain with brain injury
    “Dr. Rallis has been treating me very effectively for neck pain with upper
    cervical adjustments. He also diagnosed and treated a hemispherical
    imbalance. The treatment he developed included: color therapy, right
    and left-brain exercises and fitness equipment.Dr. Rallis is dedicated to his patients and to his profession. He
    made himself available for consultations as well as emergency
    appointments. Dr. Rallis made it a practice to continually surpass
    all of my expectations. He not only treats his patients for acute and
    chronic problems, but he also educates them on well-body and preventive
    care. He is as much a coach and a teacher as he is a physician.
    Dr. Rallis is in my opinion an excellent holistic physician!” Charlotte T

    “…your exercises will assist me the rest of my life”