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vitamin iv therapy

The nutritional demands of each patient are unique.  This is true for those suffering from acute infections, post-COVID chronic fatigue, or for those battling cancer. Intravenous vitamin and nutritional therapy allow us to directly address your unique needs, quickly and efficiently!

condition-specific iv therapies

Custom-compounded and tailored to meet your needs, IV therapies are an essential part of our integrative treatment plans. 




B12 injections have long been a cornerstone therapy in our clinic for helping patients suffering with chronic fatigue, neuropathies, acute nerve pain or a myriad of other conditions.

Injection Dose: 1,000 -10,000 mcg IM

Vitamin D

If you live in Canada,  you're likely vitamin D deficient.  More than just an essential nutrient, correcting vitamin D deficiencies is critical to balancing hormones, supporting your immune system, and improving mental health. 

Injection Dose: 50,000 IU, 100,000 IU IM

onsite custom compounding

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All of our IVs are custom-compounded onsite!  This allows us to carefully tailor each prescription to ensure that it is tailored for your particular needs.  It also helps us improve safety and efficacy, by limiting bag exposure as well as the need for IV preservatives.

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