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A New Year's Story

Yesterday afternoon, while in #Sedona, #Arizona my family and I met an old mystic.  Which I guess is kind of like running into an old surfer in Hawaii…  Anyway, he was happy to learn that I was both a #chiropractic and a #naturopathic physician and began to regale me with stories of yesteryear when healers where often persecuted by larger, better organized medical associations.  

I in turn, asked him about his tremor and after some exploratory questioning, suggested a protocol and some direction that I’m sure will help.

“Oh by the way”, I asked, just before parting ways, “I understand there are four powerful energy vortexes in this area, can you tell me anything about them?”

He smiled knowingly and said, “Here’s energy vortex number one (pointing at my youngest son), energy vortex number two (pointing at my wife), energy vortex three (pointing at me) and energy vortex number four (pointing at my oldest son). Remember”, he said finally, “miracles are always happening!”.  I thanked him for his wisdom, he thanked me for my medical advice, we shook hands warmly and parted ways.

I couldn’t help but think, “He’s right!”  I also couldn’t help but think I should have gotten a picture with him –he was an outrageously cool, wizard-looking dude.  Unfortunately, I was too preoccupied taking selfies with my youngest in front of the Sedona red rocks (see picture -lol).

The more I thought about our encounter, the more I thought about both the struggles and miracles we witnessed in our practice throughout our last year.  Patients who began the year suffering with diabetes, high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol, who no longer need their medication. Patients that hobbled into the clinic, barely able to walk.  Children who suffered with recurrent infections who are now living life with a strong and able immune system.  I also thought of those whom we cared for until the very end.

I’ve said this numerous times, but I believe that #integrative primary care is the future of family medicine.  The idea that health, or each person’s core energy vortex (keeping to our theme) is a resource that can be supported, reinforced and maximized.

Because it’s January 1, I would be remiss to not share one amazing weight loss success story from 2016.

Deb’s initial consult took place last January.  She weighed 211 lbs at a height of 5’4”.  Her vitals and lab work were all at marginally high risk. What I found most striking about her was a real genuine enthusiasm and sincerity. She began her care program which included dietary modifications and a full exercise program with Meagan.  She fell in love with Meag (but honestly who doesn’t) and with exercising.  After several months, she lost a modicum of weight, but not a lot.  Her enthusiasm never wavered.  Her smile never diminished.  She then hit a plateau around 179 lbs; wouldn’t budge.  Week after week, same weight.  Meag would weigh her in…but no change.  Her smile, just as radiant, her enthusiasm, unwavering.  She trusted the process. 

Summer came and the weight started to fly off.  Her most recent consultation with me was just before Christmas.  Her weight, 132.8 lbs.  Almost 80 lbs of weight, gone!  In her words, “I was carrying around 7, 10-pound bags of potatoes everywhere”.  Her energy and smile was magnified, what seemed like a thousand-fold.  She was quite literally -a new woman.  By my own estimation, she looked 10 to 15 years younger.  “Dr. Rallis,” she started “I felt like I missed the last 10 years of my life…I didn’t love myself…” her big smile, disappeared and her voice trailed off in contemplation.  “I do now!” she stated emphatically, her smile glowing again. “I started this journey at 62, I’m 63 now and I’m in the best shape of my life!” I gave her a big hug and thanked her for inspiring all of us.

We all deserve to live our best life!  Here’s hoping that 2017 is yours!

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