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Can Eliminating Dairy Improve Atopic dermatitis?

Source: Nikolovski A, Rallis S (2020) The Impact of Dairy Elimination on Pediatric Atopic Dermatitis. J Nutri Med Diet Care 6:044.

It certainly did in this case.

Atopic dermatitis (AD) affects up to 20% of all kids! That's a lot! If there is a connection between food sensitivities and skin condition, that would be pretty useful for both parents and doctors to know, wouldn't you agree?

My question was always, "How come naturopathic doctors seem to understand this so readily, while most conventional doctors do not?"

I can recall a particular discussion (let's call it heated) with my father-in-law (a noted anesthesiologist), who flatly refused to believe that food plays any role in determining health outcomes beyond scurvy or starvation. I'm slightly paraphrasing, but not much.

Food sensitivities have as much credence in the medical community as tarot or astrology readings.

It's tragic to think that patients, like the little one in this case study, routinely see numerous doctors for a chronic condition and the idea of diet is never even entertained.

"This case further exemplifies the gross underutilization of dietary interventions in the primary care management of most dermatological conditions," I write in this article.

Consider, that food, the simplest and safest of all primary care modalities, is typically the last one used. Does anyone else think this is crazy? This is usually the time my brother's voice pops into my head, "it's just sick care, stop calling it health care."

He's not wrong.

In the defense of allopathic medical providers, there is very little research implicating food allergens and inflammatory skin conditions. But again, this ends up looking like some self-fulfilling prophecy. If food is never considered, food is never utilized and consequently, food is never researched.

In the spirit of not sitting quietly on the sidelines, I thought it best to at least share some of what we see in practice in the hopes of constructively contributing to the scientific community.

Below is a video description of our article with the link to the article attached below.


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