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Why Vitamin IV Therapy?

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Poor or failing health, weakened immunity, chronic fatigue and many other health issues are often the result of nutrient deficiencies. Addressing these deficiencies is one of the many things that makes #naturopathic primary care so effective.

As the body’s health decreases however, so too does its ability to effectively absorb and transport the nutrients it needs in order to heal or to function at its highest level. This decreased ability is even further hindered under periods of higher stress, with increasing age, and under increasing toxic load and in cases of decreased gastrointestinal absorption secondary to prior antibiotic therapy. It’s why we will often see an infection, become a secondary infection, become a tertiary infection and suddenly the patient has been sick for weeks, even months. The body is no longer efficiently receiving the nutrients it needs to support its immune system.

#Intravenous therapies allow us to bypass digestion all together and deliver the therapeutic dose of nutrients required –directly to the bloodstream. The high intravenous load can then create a concentration gradient that is able to support the cells, tissues and organ systems directly, allowing the body to kick-start its own innate healing mechanisms.

Even in very healthy patients, increasing vitamins or minerals, will only marginally increase serum concentrations. Take #VitaminC for example, even at high oral doses, the highest observed serum or blood concentration was 9.3 mg/dl. Contrast that to #IVvitaminC, where we can see elevations as high as 80 mg/dl. That is why you can use IV Vitamin C to treat #viral #infections, certain bacterial infections and why it can be used as a very effective adjunct in #cancer care.

What we see in many chronic conditions is the body ‘stuck’ in a pattern. Depression is a good example of this. It can take weeks even months for most anti-depressants to work. In contrast, supporting the neurochemistry intravenously with therapeutic doses of both B vitamins and amino acids can often result in a more dramatic shift in both serotonin and dopamine pathways. Similarly, in cases of #anxiety, #migraine headaches, #concussions, #addiction recovery and even #neurodegenerative changes, the ability to help the support the neurochemical architecture of the brain with nutrients is virtually endless.

Each IV bag is custom compounded and formulated on site under a laminar flow hood to ensure the highest grade of safety and sterility. This also allows us to completely tailor each IV bag to each patient and their particular condition. So beyond the nervous and immune system, we can support energy metabolism, liver detoxification, heart health, even skin and hair will often improve as essential nutrients are restored!

Our state of the art IV facility was designed to maximize patient comfort, outcomes and most importantly to keep you safe!

Whether the aim is to boost immunity, improve energy, address a chronic health condition or improve your general level of health and wellness, I’m confident that we will be able to customize the right IV formula for you!

If you’d like to learn more about IV therapies, we'd love to hear from you!

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